Rion Photography | About

We provide our clients with heirloom quality images that showcase your family in the place where they live and experience life.  We pride ourselves on walking our clients through the entire process, from providing consultations on set design and what to wear, all the way to helping you pick out your final images and even showing you what those images will look like on your walls.  Our post-session proofing sessions are completely low-pressure events, which focus on guiding you through the process of turning a photo session into walls covered with amazing art of you and your loved ones.


The hallmark of a Rion Photography image is a touch of magic – a view into the surreality that surrounds our every day lives.  It’s something you can’t capture with portable camera but instead requires more than the click of a shutter: it’s the little things such as how the light falls on the subject, how the environment highlights rather than competes/distracts, and more than just a bit of understanding of the uniqueness of every single person on the planet.  It’s never going to be about inane smiles and the same copied poses.  It’s always about the quiet thoughtfulness of an intelligent gleam in the eyes and a stray glance at the horizon.  It’s about capturing the beauty of right now, right here, and this person who will change with each passing day.



So how does a session with Rion Photography work?  It's simple.  Once you have reserved your session date, we will setup a time to get together and talk about your session.  We will listen to your ideas about your session, and shape your ideas into art with our 15+ years of experience as portrait professionals.  We'll discuss the set(s) you will be photographed on, talk about what you should wear, and put your mind completely at ease that your portraits are going to be amazing.  By the time you arrive on the day of your session, you will be completely relaxed and ready to take some great pictures with your family.


Following your session, we will get together at the studio and discuss which portraits and products are best for your needs, and find that perfect framed print to hang above the fireplace.


Every family deserves a great family portrait - and we'd love to help you create yours.